10 Tips: Getting Started with Laser

Interested in laser effects for your lighting rig, attraction or DJ setup but don’t know where to start? Check out our FREE guide with 10 tips for how to get started using high-power laser systems.

Tip #1: Know the effect(s) you want

Some laser systems are engineered strictly for aerial beam effects, some systems are better for graphics projections, and some systems can do both. Typically, projectors meant for aerial beam displays will produce wider beams, while graphics projectors typically have narrower, sharper beams. Our Aurora 4C and 4G projectors are a perfect option for getting started with aerial beams only, while our Mobile Beat Mirage is the answer for an entry-level graphics system.

Tip #2: Know the safety basics

Laser lighting systems operate differently from just about any other lighting effect, and because of that, laser users must take care to protect themselves and their audiences. The two biggest guidelines to know are to never project laser beams into the sky, and to keep laser beams 9′ (3m) above where the audience can stand. Eye safety is key, and one should never shine laser beams into an audience unless their projector system is fitted with a legal, safety-tested audience scanning system like X-Laser’s Polaris technology.

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