The EtherStop System is designed to simplify the setup and use of laser equipment by combining compliance signaling and network control signaling into a single inexpensive and common network cable.

Most X-Laser professional laser equipment (Black Label and Red Label products) include EtherStop interfaces that support daisy-chaining EtherStop cabling from one projector to the next, allowing rapid and scalable show setups that perform reliably and comply with applicable regulatory requirements in most jurisdictions.

Additional accessories like EtherStop distribution equipment provide additional flexibility and scalability. These include the EtherStop splitter and EtherStop router.

Support documents for the EtherStop system can be found below:

- Full EtherStop system manual (PDF)

- EtherStop quick setup guide (PDF)

- Getting to know EtherStop (PDF, also included in product box)

- EtherStop Splitter Specifications (PDF)

Special Applications

X-Laser offers customized solutions for specific EtherStop applications, including industrial integration. For assistance with EtherStop industrial systems or integrating EtherStop with custom control equipment, contact our support team.