Take Your Shows to New Heights this Fall with the LaserCube (10 Ways)

The leaves may be starting to fall, but your gigs can rise to an entirely new level with the range of LaserCube systems from Wicked Lasers. Here are 10 ways you can boost your show visuals and boost your business as we enter "hoodie weather."

  1. Create "wow" at fall weddings

    As wedding receptions and parties move indoors for the season, give the bride and groom a unique touch with a laser display. Use LaserOS to craft a unique message or adorn the venue wall with a custom monogram. Plus, the LaserCube Ultra models have the battery efficiency to last through the afterparty.

  2. Bring the heat to homecoming season

    Forget about the football game or parade, the main focus for your business is the homecoming dance! Wow the students—and their school administrators—with aerial beam effects that will make them remember your successful and impactful event. For school venues holding up to 1,000 guests, even the affordable LaserCube WiFi 1.2W will get the job done.

  3. Craft an impression at corporate events

    Enhance your reputation across the corporate event circuit and add some laser to your proposals and pitches this fall. The LaserCube Ultra series has enhanced scanners for even better graphics projections, and companies wanting to see their logo adorn their event space will be wowed by the custom detail. They'll already pencil you in for next year!

  4. Intensify your band's gigs

    If you've been searching for something to get the crowd moving, adding laser beams to your beats and grooves is a perfect next step. Something like the LaserCube WiFi 2.5W system has the punch for midsize venues and the ease of programming that make it endlessly approachable.

  5. Unleash your creativity

    Your creative energy certainly doesn't go into hibernation, making the fall a perfect time to make something visually stunning. Connect a LaserCube Ultra to the Radiator by Neon Captain via ILDA and check out the infinite patterns and projections you can create. It's a perfect way to relax on those early-sunset fall nights. (Radiators are expected to begin shipping in October 2023.)

  6. Boost your club bookings

    Similar to wedding receptions and parties, crowds move indoors as the chillier temperatures arrive. If you're looking to become a regular fixture at a club or two in your area, having a laser in your effect arsenal will set you apart with both audiences and venue management. The LaserCube WiFi is a great place to start for around $2,000.

  7. Have a haunting Halloween

    Did you know that some speciality venues spend thousands on their Halloween events each year? This includes haunted houses, corn mazes, escape rooms and more. Scout the area for the most popular attractions and connect with their management about bringing ghostly aerial effects or fun seasonal animations to help them sell more tickets. We recommend the LaserCube Ultra for these attractions, especially the outdoor ones.

  8. Give the gift of laser

    The holiday season seems to get earlier every year. Consider wowing a colleague or corporate partner with a video recording (featuring custom laser effects, of course) to keep your business top of mind as events get planned for next year. And you could always just gift yourself a new LaserCube! Check out your favorite X-Laser dealer for their seasonal sales.

  9. Pioneer a new partnership

    Lasers can provide the spark you need to build a new partnership, and maybe one that's in an area you haven't pursued yet. Whether it's a new part of town or a category you're trying to break into, consider leveraging your laser equipment early in any exploratory conversations. Many folks have never seen something like the LaserCube by Wicked Lasers!

  10. Study up and set yourself apart

    Your shows and gigs are only as good as your knowledge, whether your visuals are preprogrammed or busked. Block out some calendar time this fall to hone your skills in LaserOS or Liberation to ensure that the visual output is compelling enough to generate input to your business' bottom line.


Make this your best fall season yet and use these tips to lay the groundwork for an even better 2024. Explore the full line of LaserCube projectors right here and always feel free to contact us or send us a DM (@xlaserusa on IG) with any questions. Now get to it, #LaserFam, before pumpkin spice season is over!




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