We make quality laser systems accessible to everyone from the smallest wedding DJ to the biggest media companies in the world. Our FDA and FAA compliance solutions, training programs, innovative control systems and best in the industry support mean that we can provide Laser Without Limits to all.

Company Values

Simplicity – There’s beauty in simplicity. Simple is reliable, simple is fast. In the event production world, reliability and fast setup are the most important factors. If gear doesn’t work, you don’t get paid, and that is unacceptable. We would rather offer a system that works every time out of the road case than a system that requires lengthy calibration and testing procedures, even at the expense of some features.

Teamwork – We don’t have customers, we have clients and team members. We work with our clients well after the sale because their success is important to us and we are one team working towards a common objective. Our clients can trust us on special projects because they know we will never compete with them and when they succeed, we all succeed. Internally this means that everyone’s thoughts and ideas are heard and understood, everyone is a part of the team and everyone is both a mentor and student. Teamwork also means being a good competitor by acting with integrity and seeking ways to cooperate by helping the entire industry.

Relentless support – We refuse to be anything other than the best in the industry when it comes to support. Before the sale this means making sure the client understand exactly what is and is not possible with laser, helping generate any content the client needs to sell shows to their customers, making sure the client has the exact hardware that suits them without upselling, etc. During the sale and build this means showing them exactly what’s going on with their laser build, why we build things the way we do and what that means for them. After the sale that means our best in the industry tech support, web and in person training options, connection with our laser artist network, providing discounted rental inventory so they can supplement their own equipment and providing referrals so they can begin making money with their lasers immediately.


Our office hours are 10am to 6pm EST Monday - Friday

General Inquiries:
877-230-6328 (fax)

Laser Support and Technical Assistance:
866-702-7768 ext. 155

9115 Whiskey Bottom Road, Suite H
Laurel, MD 20723

If you prefer, just use this handy contact form to let us know how we can help you and we will make sure that the right person gets back to you right away. We contact everyone within one business day, and in most cases, within a couple of business hours.