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The LaserCube Ultra by Wicked Lasers has arrived. Get your hands on the most powerful, most capable and most durable LaserCube yet.

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Take Your DJ Setup To The Next Level With Lasers

Elevate your DJ setup—and elevate your business—with lasers by following this guide from our friends at Astro AVL.

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Curious about adding lasers to your setup but not sure where to start? What makes lasers so special? What's a variance? Get all the answers in the FAQ.

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Laser Safety Basics

Get up to speed on the basics of safe and compliant laser operation.

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LaserCube by Wicked Lasers

Explore the LaserCube by Wicked Lasers and buy yours here.

Aurora Series

Check out our popular Aurora series of aerial beam projectors.

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If you're looking to enhance your mobile DJ or special event setup, an X-Laser projector provides the punchy, unique visual effects you seek. For a starter-level system, we distribute the versatile and easy-to-use LaserCube by Wicked Lasers, as well as our own lineup of beginner systems including the aerial beam specialty Aurora series. And for the creators and laserists out there looking to achieve the abstract and most interesting setups, we also offer the Radiator by Neon Captain as well as the Ether Dream 4, and much more to help turn ideas into reality.

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LD Ben Jarrett Uses X-Laser Fixtures to Create Big Arena Looks, Big Moments & Positive Vibes for Beartooth

LD Ben Jarrett Uses X-Laser Fixtures to Create Big Arena Looks, Big Moments & Positive Vibes for Beartooth

May 20, 2024 Louis Schiavone

A common test for any professional LD is to create an impactful show no matter the size of the venue. Whether a small club or massive stadium, effective lighting energizes the audience, expresses the band’s artistry and empowers the designer to use all the tools in their creative arsenal. Empowered by X-Laser fixtures and Mercury Laser Control firmware, designer Ben Jarrett of Squeek Lights in Sayreville, N.J., checked all of those boxes and then some with his design for metalcore band Beartooth on its 2024 North American Tour.