Need a great laser for an upcoming promotion, show, or special event? A full line of mid-high powered laser systems, laser accessories, favorable rental terms and great service are just a few clicks away. Please note: We typically require at least one month advance notice to be able to fully and properly coordinate your rental. This includes sourcing the projector(s) as well as handling FDA variance processes for your show.

FDA Variance (US Customers): Valid laser light show variances are required for all rentals. If you do not have a variance, we can help you obtain one using our EZ Variance Kit. We can also connect you with one of our production partners who carries a current variance.

Additional local laser regulations may apply.

The fee to obtain an FDA variance for your rental is $99, and the variance issued to you remains valid for two years. Variance filing, fees and FDA correspondence are all handled by X-Laser on your behalf unless you request otherwise. The variance fee is waived with first rental orders totaling over $3,000.

FDA Variance Reminder: It can take anywhere between six and eight weeks for your FDA Variance application to be approved. Please ensure you either have the appropriate amount of time to submit your information prior to your rental period, or have an FDA-varianced operator working with you on your production. To rent a Defiant system with X-Laser’s Polaris Audience Immersion Technology, you must already possess a current FDA Audience Scanning Variance.

Rentals are priced by the week and by the month for your convenience, with quantity discounts available for multi-unit and long-term rentals.

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