Christmas Burns Red with Squeek Lights!

This past weekend was metalcore band August Burns Red's annual Christmas Burns Red show, this year virtually and on-demand for a limited time. 

Squeek Lights supplied the lighting and lasers, notably Elation DARTZ 360s and X-Laser Skywriter 5Ws. 

Killer lighting design by David Summers! 

"Our Christmas show was the first time I've been able to revisit the 5w Skywriters. One of my favorite fixtures and without a doubt the most intelligent. We were lucky enough to hang 4 of them from our upstage truss. This look is an insane full circle moment for me because the first time I saw mesmerizing laser work it was when Childish Gambino performed "This is America" on SNL. The moment I saw that performance I called Victor at Squeek Lights and told him we HAD to get lasers. After pestering a few more people I finally got my wish. To end this year with a giant rig topped off with lasers was a gift and I'm very grateful to have been a part of it. Can't wait to come back big in 2021.
Special shout out to my lighting tech and programming mentor Steven Kosiba, Squeek Lights, and the wonderful people in the August Burns Red Camp." -David Summers

Photos by Ray Duker.

Congrats to the Sqeek Lights team! Did you catch the stream? Let us know what you thought!



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