How Mercury Laser Control Gives Lighting Designers an Unfair Advantage

How Mercury Laser Control Gives Lighting Designers an Unfair Advantage


Picture this: You're a touring lighting designer who, during your travels, has seen lasers used at some of the concerts you've worked. You haven't used lasers firsthand before, as you had only seen them controlled with a separate software setup by a dedicated "laser guy". You figure that's because getting lasers and traditional lighting fixtures to play nicely together is complex and costly. You find yourself wondering, "Is there a way to seamlessly integrate regular lights with lasers?"


What if the answer, designed specifically to solve this problem, was Mercury laser control? What if Mercury helped you incorporate lasers into your show designs, from the console you know and love? Fortunately, it's all possible.


Mercury Laser Control

What It Is

X-Laser's Mercury laser control system was built for lighting designers for direct lighting control from the console. In the console, the lasers act just like moving lights that lighting designers are used to programming, allowing for easy control and seamless integration. 

X-Laser deliberately engineered Mercury to work with all the top lighting consoles (MA, High End, ETC, Avolites, Elation, ChamSys, etc.) so designers using it for laser control can spend more time being creative and less time on setup and configuration. Perhaps more important to the artistic workflow and show building process, the designer maintains control over their entire show the entire time without having to work with a third-party “laser guy.”

Programming laser projectors equipped with Mercury is not only easy, it's nearly unlimited in its creative capabilities and so effortless that you could call it unfair.

Who's Using Mercury

We spoke with two lighting designers who use Mercury frequently. Dave Summers is a touring LD who often works with metal band August Burns Red. He spoke about how easy it was to program for ABR in his interview below.


Steve Kosiba also loves how easy it is to program Mercury projectors. Steve hadn't had good experiences with lasers prior to trying Mercury. See what changed his mind in his interview below.

 How to Get Started with Mercury 

To encourage lighting designers to gain confidence with using lasers and help them gain an unfair advantage using Mercury, X-Laser is offering a number of resources to help LDs like you get started. Filling out the quick form at will unlock your access to exclusive Mercury content, 100% free XLERATE pre-visualization software and the opportunity to arrange a firsthand demo of Mercury to try it for yourself. Click here to visit the Mercury form and feel free to call us at 866-702-7768 with any questions.  Are you ready to gain your own #UnfairAdvantage?



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