How To Submit Your Annual Report, Stress-Free

The Deadline to Submit Annual Reports is Fast Approaching

But don't let that stress you out.

As the September 1st deadline approaches, laser users everywhere are likely dreading the long, tedious process of submitting their annual report to the FDA. 

The report is required for renewing your variance and for adding or removing lasers from your variance. 

It is X-Laser's goal to remove the stress of owning a laser, which is why we've created our EZ Variance process as well as our own Annual Report submission system. Both process are totally free.

Ready to Submit Your Annual Report?

The link below will take you to our Annual Report form. You will fill out your information, and we will submit it to the FDA on your behalf. 

If you have any questions, please email us at and we will assist you. 

Submit my Annual Report




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