Launchpad 01 is go!

By popular request from our users we are doing a limited run of our Mercury laser control system as a standalone controller we're calling Launchpad.

This limited edition controller is compatible with all laser systems with an ILDA port and has been designed to be a truly pro grade system. Launchpad offers:

  • Freestanding Mercury control of ANY ILDA equipped projector
  • DMX node functionality
  • Powercon True in/out (so no wall wart PSU)
  • ILDA Input and output
  • Integrated etherStop on both models, the switched version offers an integrated 3 port 10/100 switch as well

This is your chance to grab one of a limited run of controllers that are THE ONLY laser controller to offer DMX node functionality, SACN compatibility, our patent pending Master/Builder functionality and an integrated ethernet switch. Mercury is the only pro level laser control system built from the ground up for direct console control and this is your opportunity to use it with any laser projector you already own.

Check it out here!



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