PLSN Spotlights X-Laser Owner/President Adam Raugh

PLSN recently spotlighted X-Laser owner/president Adam Raugh in a piece about what we do here at X-Laser!

Author Debi Moen covers what we do here at X-Laser, from Mercury to compliance support, and the changes Adam made when he took over the company in 2016. 

"Working with a customer base ranging from clubs and corporate events to concert spectaculars, Raugh explains, 'We produce the easiest-to-use laser systems on the market, which means that everyone that can run a moving head can make a great show with our laser systems.'"

Read the full article: X-Laser Aims at Lighting Designers

Read to the end for a teaser of a new product of ours coming soon!


Big thanks to Debi Moen for taking the time to talk with us!


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