Radiator Returns! Together with Neon Captain, We're Taking Preorders for the 'Laser Synthesizer'

First units shipping December 2023.

X-Laser Neon Captain

Over the course of the last several months, the teams at X-Laser and Neon Captain have been working together on the next batch of Radiator laser synthesizers. We've been exchanging engineering details, navigating supply chain issues and making sure that when we had everything in a good spot, the Radiator would return to market better than ever.

Well, that time is now!

Moving forward, X-Laser will handle the manufacturing, final assembly and fulfillment of the newest Radiator units. And don't fret: All the key components and functions that laser and live media artists have come to know and love about Radiator remain the same. And with that...

Preorders are OPEN!
We're thrilled to announce that we're now taking preorders for Radiator. It's time to claim your very own (or yet another) portable, powerful instrument of creative expression.


So, when will Radiator ship?
We expect that the first units from this series will be leaving the X-Laser headquarters in Maryland in December 2023. Once you preorder, we'll send regular updates to keep you informed, and to let you know if that timeline shifts forward or back.

Learn more about Radiator

Radiator is a versatile and powerful multimedia controller that has been engineered to bring sound and light together in a totally new way. 

It supports industry-standard ILDA laser connectivity as well as full CV and MIDI control for an authentic and real-time creative experience. As Neon Captain says, “Radiator aims to bring back the live performance aspect to laser shows and once again make the job of Laserist synonymous with performance artist.”

Still curious about all the Radiator can do? Check out the helpful resources below and stay tuned for tutorial and quick-start content.






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