Skywriters in dance with DJ Chris Poynter

DJ Chris Poynter provided lighting design and sound reinforcement for Passion & Performance Arts Inc.’s annual spring dance showcase and afterparty. This was not your average setup, however.

Located in a large hotel ballroom, the setup included a twenty foot truss on one end of the room with two X-Laser Skywriter HPX M-2s, four Chauvet Intimidator Spot 260 moving heads, and four ADJ Dotz Pars. His sound system, DJ equipment, and lighting control softwares were also on that end of the room.

The performance space was set in the middle of the room with seating surrounding it theater in the round style and had the four corners of the performance space with lighting stands so that dancers were lit from all sides.

The Skywriters were used in the pre-show and afterparty for some great aerial effects.



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