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Ether Dream 4



We're super excited to serve as the distributor of the Ether Dream 4, the latest generation of Ether Dream laser DAC. It is fully software-compatible with previous Ether Dream models (1, 2, 3) while having a smaller form factor, support for ILDA output, Ethernet streaming, and USB firmware updates.

Customers in Europe, please click here to purchase.

International customers outside the U.S. and Europe – Please email sales@x-laser.com with your shipping address and how many Ether Dream 4 systems you would like so we can provide an accurate shipping quote and timeline.

The Ether Dream 4 is available with or without the metal enclosure to suit your needs.

Ether Dream 4 – Features

  • Streaming playback over 100M Ethernet

  • Wide software support including: ILD SOS, LaserShowGen, LSX, MadLaser, Maxwell, Modulaser, TouchDesigner and many more (runs same protocol as previous Ether Dream DACs).

  • Compatible with the Radiator by Neon Captain

  • Sample driver code available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • ILDA output: 2x 16-bit (X/Y) plus 8x 10-bit (separate R, G, B, I, U1-U4)

  • Can be built into a laser projector; internal expansion header

  • Drag-and-drop firmware updates over USB from any computer, no software needed

  • Power over USB-C

  • MicroSD card slot (functionality coming in future firmware update)

  • Made in USA

Click here for the Ether Dream 4 spec sheet PDF.

Ether Dream was developed by Jacob Potter.

X-Laser is a distributor of the Ether Dream 4 and helped design and manufacture the product’s external housing.

We ship the Ether Dream 4 worldwide! For international clients: All orders shipped outside the United States will be subject to applicable taxes and tariffs to be paid upon delivery at the buyer's expense.