Hey designers, we have a challenge for you!

Create and submit an amazing design using our XLERATE software,
and you could be the winner of a Skywriter HPX M-2 ($2,478 Value)!
Our free XLERATE software allows you to directly interface the Mercury laser
control engine with Capture, Realizzer, or WYSIWIG for visualizing your laser rig.
We want to see what you can do!


Download and install XLERATE here:  XLERATE Download Page

Pick a song and set-up your dream rig using X-Laser products and any 
other lighting fixtures you love

Create a one of a kind design by programming lasers and other lighting
fixtures using XLERATE and your favorite console and visualizer. There is
no limit on the number of cues, effects, or palettes, so go crazy!

Submit your design (screen recording, XLERATE file, visualizer file) along with
your name and mailing address to contests@x-laser.com by April 30th


Entry Rules:

  • Must use XLERATE
  • Rig is limited to 48 lasers, the use of other lighting fixtures is encouraged
  • Program one song of your choice, 2-4 minutes in length
  • Visualizers such as Capture, Realizzer, WYSIWIG are permitted
  • There is no limit on cues, effects or palettes
  • Only ONE entry per person, contestants must be 18 years or older
  • Entries must be submitted by April 30th

     Grand Prize: Skywriter HPX M-2


    Designs will be judged by an independent panel of laser show experts