What are the differences between the US version and the International version?

The US version of the LaserCube has been modified to comply with FDA regulations, in particular the interlock circuit has been modified to meet the standards required for Class 4 systems with a reset requirement and emission delay. This does not effect the operation of the device other than the emergency stop system.

The US version also by default has the burning and targeting features disabled. This is also due to US laser regulations and product liability concerns.

Why aren’t you selling the 1W version of LaserCube?

The cost of making the LaserCube 1W US Compliant brings the cost of the item up to the price of a LaserCube 2W unit. At that point we decided that we would prefer to distribute only the 2W unit in the US.

Which package are you selling?

Currently we are offering the LaserCube 2W package including the following items: LaserCube 2W, Power adapter/charging cable, USB adapters, keys, Tripod and ball, Clamp, EVA case, Expander Kit, 1 Beam expander lens, 3 Diffraction effects, X-Laser EZ Variance Kit, and E-Stop.

Why is there a price difference from other websites?

The price is slightly different due to the cost of making the units US Compliant along with X-Laser including an EZ Variance Kit and E-Stop in the package.

How long can I run the LaserCube, is there a duty cycle?

There is no duty cycle. There is a built-in temperature sensor which shuts off the laser at 104°F / 40°C to protect the LaserCube from overheating.

Where do I download the LaserCube software?

Check back soon for the official X-Laser download.

How do I connect LaserCube to my PC, Mac, or Android device?

Use the included cables to connect the LaserCube to a USB-A, USB-C, or Micro-USB port.

Does it work with iPhone/iPad?

No, it does not work with iOS. We are working on a future product with iOS compatibility. You can control LaserCube with a cheap android phone.

What laser power is needed for larger venues?

2-5W suit large nightclubs, and mid-sized events. 5W and up are used at large events, music festivals, concerts.

What is the size of the projected laser image?

The image size will be a 1m square when the LaserCube is 2m away, 2m square image when the LaserCube is 4m away, and so on… With the Expander, it would be 3m square at 2m distance and so on….
There is no maximum range, but the apparent brightness will be reduced the larger the projection. It is recommended to use the LaserCube at half-zoom or less for better image quality.

How can I use LaserOS software with my own laser projector?

If your laser projector has an ILDA input, you can purchase the LaserOS dongle.

What is the difference between microphone and loopback audio?

LaserOS needs an audio input in order to generate music reactive visuals. Loopback audio is superior to microphone in both latency and accuracy. On Windows, all you need to do is select a loopback audio source. On Mac, you need to install Sound Siphon and then you have to select Sound Siphon as Audio Output in Sound Settings. For Android, loopback audio is not possible. The workaround is to manually add and play songs from LaserOS’s Music app to use them as an audio input.

What is the warranty?

LaserCube 2W units come with a 1 year limited warranty along with a 30 day money back.

How can multiple LaserCubes be used?

You can connect multiple LaserCubes to a laptop, or to an Android device using a USB Hub.

Where are the imported files stored on my computer?

On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/LaserOS/imports
On PC: C:\Users\ (your username) \AppData\Roaming\LaserOS\imports
On Android: ~/Android/data/com.wickedlasers.laserOS/files/imports/


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