Triton Is Here! X-Laser Unveils IP64 Lasers

We just released our Triton T Series of IP64 laser projectors, the Triton T-5 (five watts) and Triton T-2 (two watts). These all-new fixtures feature a compact housing that enables quick, flexible rigging and maintains IP64 protection in either the upright or the flat orientation. A true “clean sheet” design made specifically for the professional lighting market, the Triton T Series fixtures are the first production-grade IP64 lasers to be fully engineered and built in the U.S., right here at the X-Laser headquarters in Laurel, Maryland.

Under the hood, the Triton T Series carries full RGB direct-injection laser diode modules, tuned for ideal balance and color mixing on par with today’s top-brand “traditional” lighting fixtures. Triton T Series lasers capably produce colors that are typically difficult for lasers to achieve, such as berry, orange and lime, giving lighting designers creative freedom and flexibility.

The Triton T Series also empowers lighting designers with our exclusive Mercury Laser Control System, which enables programming directly from the lighting console using the same show file and design workflow. There is no need for external design software or triggering lasers via media servers. These fixtures, like any equipped with Mercury firmware, patch right in with “traditional” lights on the console. As designers expect, the Triton T-2 and Triton T-5 use common signal protocols such as DMX, sACN, Art-Net as well as RDM capability.

Lighting professionals using the Triton T-2 and Triton T-5 also get laser-specific advantages such as a vast zoom range of 0.1º to 45º and instantaneous zoom and digital “gobo” changes, enabling extremely punchy complementary effects for all genres, venues and performances. And with an easy-to-understand large LCD live diagnostic readout and field-serviceable alignment, the Triton T Series unites creativity, reliability and laser effects like never before.

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