What is Mercury Laser Control?

What is Mercury Laser Control?

Lasers for lighting designers

Launched in 2017, Mercury is our control system built from the ground up for direct control from lighting consoles.

As moving lights and intelligent fixtures have developed, many people viewed lasers as either cheap effects or large, expensive, and required extensive upkeep to use in live events.

We wanted to change all of that, so we developed Mercury control - a way for lighting designers who are already used to using moving heads to use lasers right along side them. Mercury eliminates the need for a separate laser person and separate control software. Instead, lighting designers jump right in, using Mercury-enabled fixtures just like their other moving fixtures.

No more red tape

We also wanted to remove the barrier of legal hassle not by cutting corners, but by streamlining the process of acquiring a variance (in the U.S. lasers are regulated by the FDA) so more people can access lasers and incorporate them into their show.

The tool for any lighting designer

Mercury systems are compatible with many major lighting consoles, including grandMA, Jands Vista, Hog, ChamSys, and Avolites. With all the same parameters (intensity, pan/tilt, color, gobo, beam, and more) and over 450 patterns to choose from, Mercury gives lighting designers an unfair advantage with their work.

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