X-Laser to give Four Scholarships for Behind the Scenes' Mental Health and First Aid Training

X-Laser announced on Mental Health Day of Action (May 20th) that they will be covering the registration cost for four people to take Behind the Scene's Mental Health and First Aid Certification. 

Mental Health Day of Action May 20th

Behind the Scenes is a non-profit organization created to support programs for the entertainment industry. They issue grants for industry professionals who suffer illness or injury and work with other industry charities to support live event workers.


The Mental Health and First Aid certification is to teach live entertainment workers "how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders." Click here for more information about the training.



We understand that the last year was the hardest for live events workers, which is why X-Laser is randomly choosing four people who comment a green heart emoji on their Facebook and Instagram posts by May 27th. Those four people will have the registration cost ($125) paid for so they can learn this important information without worrying about the expense. 

To register, choose a date here.




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