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Launchpad Laser Controller Launchpad Laser Controller Launchpad Laser Controller Launchpad Laser Controller Launchpad Laser Controller Launchpad Laser Controller Launchpad Laser Controller


Launchpad Laser Controller



By popular request from our users we're offering our Mercury laser control system as a standalone controller that we're calling Launchpad.

This controller is compatible with all laser systems with an ILDA port and has been designed to be a truly pro-grade system. Launchpad offers:

  • Freestanding Mercury control of ANY ILDA equipped projector
  • DMX node functionality
  • powerCON True in/out (so no wall wart PSU)
  • ILDA Input and output
  • Integrated etherStop

This is your chance to grab THE ONLY laser controller to offer DMX node functionality, sACN compatibility, our Master/Builder functionality and an integrated Ethernet switch. Mercury is the only pro-level laser control system built from the ground up for direct console control and this is your opportunity to use it with any laser projector you already own.

Q: How big is it?
A: In total, 90mm tall (with feet), 170mm wide, 156mm long.

Q: Why the hell is it that size?
A: A few factors. 1. Using an off-the-shelf extruded aluminum enclosure to keep costs down. 2. Providing a stable base so it won't fall over or slide around on you on the desk. 3. So we can fit plenty of stuff inside. 4. To provide a form factor that's convenient to change settings and such on the fly because it's meant as a bench fixture, not a truss fixture.

Q: So what's in it?
A. Mercury, power supply (so no wall wart), powerCON true one in/through, DMX in/out, ILDA In/Out, and an EtherStop switch with pass-through ports for linking to other X-Laser systems.

Q: Wait, did you say ILDA input and output?
A. Yup, the input would function just as the input does on other Mercury equipped systems that have ILDA in, where you can select it as an external input that conforms to your master zoning. The output in this case would be how you would run an ILDA projector on Mercury. If you don't want to actually run a projector on Mercury and just want to check it out, don't buy this! You can do that for free with XLERATE

Q: So what can I do with this thing?
A. Well it can serve multiple purposes. Primary is taking in DMX, Art Net or sACN and spitting out an ILDA stream to a projector or set of projectors using our Mercury control, but in this form factor it can also function as a small desktop network hub as well as an art net or sACN node, functionally replacing 2 other things worth around 150-250 bucks on your desk with just one beautiful thing supporting a company you love that loves you back. It will also keep your set list from blowing away.

Q. How long until it ships?
A. Typical lead time for the Launchpad is 3-6 weeks. Some orders may ship sooner. Contact us for an exact shipping estimate for your location.