Radiator - The Laser Synth console!

We are super excited to share with you a project that some friends of X-Laser have been working on for a while. An innovative and exciting new form of laser analog synth controller, now available to pre-order on Kickstarter!

Back at the dawn of the laser show industry in the 1970s, laser shows were mainly controlled by skilled operators called Laserists, usually coming from an arts or music background. Laserists would literally perform each show live, usually to a pre-recorded soundtrack. Each show was different, dynamic and exciting. Fans would attend the same show over and over, since each show offered a unique experience just like a live music performance.

But as computer technology evolved, laser shows became more automated and lost their spontaneous performance qualities. Instead of a skilled performer, the job of Laserists was mainly that of a technician tasked with running and maintaining the equipment. 

Radiator aims to bring back the live performance aspect to laser shows and once again make the job of Laserist synonymous with performance artist.

Check out the kickstarter or our in depth page for more information!



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