Radiator Laserist Bundle (Radiator + Mobile Beat Mercury)

$4,509.00 $4,149.00 -8%
  • Radiator Laserist Bundle (Radiator + Mobile Beat Mercury)


Radiator Laserist Bundle (Radiator + Mobile Beat Mercury)

$4,509.00 $4,149.00 -8%


This bundle pack includes:

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More about the Radiator by Neon Captain:

We’re proud to partner with Neon Captain to bring you the latest version of the Radiator laser synthesizer. Radiator is a versatile and powerful multimedia controller that has been engineered to bring sound and light together in a totally new way. 

It supports industry-standard ILDA laser connectivity as well as full CV and MIDI control for an authentic and real-time creative experience. As Neon Captain says, “Radiator aims to bring back the live performance aspect to laser shows and once again make the job of Laserist synonymous with performance artist."

Key specifications and features:

  • Ethernet port for EtherDream DAC use and forever free firmware updates
  • Logical layout and user interface (+LFO) designed for live use, easy-to-set dynamic bus routing
  • Supports HDMI and audio X&Y in/out for blending laser, music and video content
  • Designed for use with any pro-grade laser; works with all ILDA-capable X-Laser and LaserCube units
  • Rugged powder-coated housing and sturdy detents to stand up to all kinds of show environments
  • Stateless encoders (instead of potentiometers) for lag-free live design and unlimited creative possibilities
  • Instant read/write preset functions enable easy live laser performances and an expressive control experience

To learn even more about Neon Captain, the team of folks who dreamed up Radiator from the start, click here.

For complete Radiator documentation, including the user manual, click here.